Pokemon Go: What are Gyms? / Tips and Tricks For Taking Gyms

Generally, Pokemon Go has a fun and friendly feel to it which makes you want to either go out in search for Pokemon solo or with friends and family. Once you reach level 5, you will be able to fight in the gyms that are near you and that's when the competitive aspect of the game begins to show.

Every Pokemon Go player that has reached level 5 can take over the gyms. When you take over a gym, the gym colors will change depending on which team you're on. If you're on team instinct, it will change to yellow. Find out more about the Pokemon Go teams.

If you take over the gym you will be able to place one of your Pokemon inside that particular gym. If you would like you can 'train' your Pokemon at the gym to level the gym up. 'Training' your Pokemon at the gym really has no effect on your Pokemon.

You will have to 'train' at the gym over and over to get it to the max level which is level 10. For each level of the gym someone on your team may place ONE Pokemon. One individual Pokemon Go player can not place more than one of their own Pokemon. You can have up to 10 Pokemon in a gym but only if they are placed by 10 individual Pokemon Go Players on your team.

To take a gym from another team you will need to fight the gym a number of times depending on how many Pokemon were put into it. So if the gym is level 5 and there are 5 Pokemon in it then you will have to fight it 5 times before you can take it. Click the icon in the bottom right corner to start, choose the Pokemon you want to battle with and go.

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